Jorjana began her dance career as a teenager in Slavic and Balkan Dance and performed in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.  She was exposed to Belly Dance at “The Fez” where she later became a “star” performer. After studying with many instructors, Jorjana began teaching her own classes.  She has taught specialty workshops and been a featured dancer at many local restaurants, festivals and belly dance events.

Jorjana offers Belly Dance Classes at her Studio including Cabaret, Classic Arabic, Folkloric, Rom (Gypsy) and Turkish Styles.

Group Classes:

 + For Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced students. - $15.00 per class

 + For Performing Troupe. - $15.00 per class

Private Classes: - $30.00 per class

Small Group Classes: - $20.00 per class

Please call for schedules and class details


Jorjana is available to teach Specialty Workshops in Khaleegy (Gulf), Egyptian Cane, Rom (Gypsy), Folkloric Karshlama 9/8 and Bedouin Tribal Sword. Contact her for details.


Jorjana is the Founder and Choreographer of “DANCE MOSAIC”, an award winning Dance Troupe.  Known for her unique choreographies, she will create a Solo or Troupe Dance in her Studio or on DVD for purchase.