Bras, Belts & Necklaces

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Note: All Belts — One size fits all.

Antique Afghan Necklaces

Each necklace is one-of-a-kind and comes with its own box.

$40.00 to $55.00

SALE: $35.00 to $45.00

Coin Belt, Bra & Necklace

Belt has rows of small coins with drops at bottom. Bra matches Belt. Necklace has matching coins in loops. Coin Bra Cover also available. Order in Brass or Silver.

Coin Belt: $36.00
Coin Bra: $55.00 (Med, LG, XLG)
Coin Necklace: $20.00
Coin Bra Cover: $38.00 (1 Size) (Not Shown)

Shown in Brass

Stone & Mirror Belt & Necklace with Mirror Bra

This is a very popular style for Tribal & Ethnic style dancers. Belt & Necklace in Silver only. Bra available in Brass, Silver & Copper.

Stone & Mirror Belt: $65.00
Stone & Mirror Necklace: $25.00
Mirror Bra: $65.00 (Med, LG, XLG)

Shown in Silver

Mirror Belt & Necklace

Very popular design that can be worn with Tribal, Cabaret or Ethnic Styles. Available in Brass, Copper and Silver.

Mirror Belt: $65.00
Necklace: $22.00

Shown in Silver

Cowry Shells Bra, Belt & Necklace

Bra is on black Velvet with real coins. Belts & Necklaces are single or double row of shells.

Cowry Shell Bra: $50.00 (Med, LG, XLG)
Single Row Belt: $35.00
Single row Necklace: $18.00

Copper Dangle Medallion Belt & Necklace

Belt has small medallions hanging at the end of each loop. Necklace has a small medallion hanging at the end of bottom loop.

Copper Dangle Medallion Belt: $45.00
Copper Dangle Medallion Necklace: $20.00

Three Triangle Coin Belt & Triangle Necklace

Available in Silver, Brass and Copper.

Three Triangle Coin Belt: $65.00 - Sold Out
Triangle Necklace: $25

SALE: $18

Lapis Lazuli Antique Belt

Each Belt has inlaid Lapis Lazuli Stones. Some have real coins dangling and others have Lapis Lazuli Dangles.

Lapis Lazuli Antique Belt: $65.00

SALE: $50.00


Crochet Coin & Mirror Top & Hip Set

Hand crocheted and lined in China Silk with Lurex surrounded mirrors and real coins and beads. These intricate sets are incredibly beautiful. Top has short sleeve with coins dangling around sleeves and midriff and mirrors down front. Hip Belt is triangular with mirrors and coins at hip level and around triangle edge. Wear over a regular bra. Limited supply in varied sizes. Contact for Availability and Sizes.

Colors: Turquoise/Silver or Gold, Red, Gold, Purple/Gold


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