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Note:  All Skirts – One size fits all

Traditional Cabaret Belly Dance Skirt

3 half circle panels (1 in front and 2 in back) creating 2 side openings.  Skirt can be wrapped, layered or "poofed” in many different ways.  This is the most versatile skirt for belly dancers.  7 yards Charmeuse.

Colors: Black, Red, Purple, Rose, White, Dark Copper, Fuchsia, Royal Blue & Wine


Shown in Dark Copper

Embroidered Lurex Border Skirt

(Matching Top Available) Beautiful 2 1/2 inch wide border design gathered on 6 yards of Charmeuse.  Silver or Gold Lurex.

Colors: Black, Red, Purple, Wine, Copper.


Shown in Red & Gold

Petal Skirts

12 overlapping Petals in Charmeuse fabric.  Beautiful by itself or worn over harem pants, skirt or tights in same or other color.  All the petals flair out beautifully as you move. 

Colors: Solid - Black, Red, Orange, White, Purple, Turquoise Blue.
SALE $45.00

2 Colors - Inquire of limited combinations.
SALE $45.00

Block Print – Silver or gold pattern around each petal. 

SALE: $50.00

Shown in Solid, 2-Tone & Block Print

25 yard Gypsy Skirts

Layers of soft cotton increasing wider with each layer downward.  So much fun to dance with.  

Colors: Solid - Black, Red, Purple, Pink, Teal

Shown in Turquoise

Shaded Colors – Browns, Lavenders, Teal

Shown in Shaded Lavender

Block Print Skirt & Veil Sets

Traditional Cabaret Belly Dance Skirt with a silver or gold block printed border hem and patterns throughout fabric.  Matching Block Printed Light China Silk 3 yard Rectangular Veil.

Colors: Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Teal Green, Turquoise Blue, Purple, Wine, White in silver or gold.

(Shown in Purple with Gold.)


Satin Circle Skirt

One Size with elastic in hip casing.

Colors: Black, Red, Purple, Lavender, Fuchsia, Burgundy, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Orange, Copper, Gold, Silver, White.



Chiffon Circle Skirt

One Size with elastic in hip casing.

Colors: Black. Red, Purple, Lavender, Fuchsia, Burgundy, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Orange, Yellow, Peach, White.



Silk Chiffon Evening Skirt with Gold

Circle and one half with leg openings in the most beautiful fabric. Could also be used as a child’s Belly Dance Skirt. Size is very small and fitted at the waist only. Some very unusual colors.

Colors: Black, Red, Purple, Lilac, Lavender, Royal Blue, Blue Green, Yellow, Copper, Orange, Pale Gold, Warm Light Brown


SALE $50.00


Velvet & Chiffon w/Bead & Sequin Border Top

Stretch Velvet and Chiffon with elastic throughout back for a perfect fit. Mirrors on fluted sleeves.

Sizes: S/M or L/XL.
Colors: Black, Red, Purple, Fuchsia, Turquoise, Emerald Green. Order with Silver or Gold.

Velvet & Chiffon w/Bead & Sequin Border Skirt

Matches Top with Velvet top and bottom layers and Chiffon with Mirrors on middle layer. One size.

Colors: Same as Top

Velvet & Chiffon w/Bead & Sequin Border Hip Tie

Matches Top and Skirt with Coins draping down layer. One Size.

Colors: Same as Top and Skirt.

Velvet and Chiffon w/Bead & Sequin Border Set

3 Piece Set includes Top, Skirt and Hip Tie

$115.00 special price

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